WHAT IS: Education for Human Greatness?

The book that will help guide your children, students, faculty, school, and your community to HUMAN GREATNESS!

Why settle for less?

The purpose of this movement is to introduce a different, progressive paradigm of public and private education called Educating for Human Greatness. The book serves as an “owner’s manual” with principles, ideas and a framework for developing a higher level of teaching, thinking and learning in each community. It is a guide for parents and teachers to use in drawing forth the unique GREATNESS that lies within themselves and each amazing child. (Go to the book)

The phrase and concept, Educating for Human Greatness, was coined by Lynn Stoddard over twenty-five years ago. As their principal, Lynn and his public school staff wondered what would happen if you ignored the deficiencies in students and concentrated on their strengths. Wonderful things happened!
So many wonderful things happened that Lynn wrote a book titled Educating for Human Greatness, which was published in 2004 by Holistic Education Press. By 2009 the book was out of print, but in that five year span of time not only did the book sell out, but the notion of Educating for Human Greatness had spread like wildfire, attracting groups of dedicated educators who, in their writing and sharing, spread the word even further. 
Last year Lynn and his editor and friend, Anthony Dallmann-Jones, attended the AERO Conference in Portland and were privileged to sit in the front of a packed house to see and hear Sir Ken Robinson, probably the most sought after speaker on educational reform today. This is not his best presentation but, as they say, "He was ours..." and just after 4:30 into his speech he definitively states the very backbone of Educating for Human Greatness. Pay attention, please.

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Educating  for Human Greatness
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